Seven Grandfather Teachings

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Originally the principles of character of the Anishinaabe Tribe, the Seven Grandfather Teachings are lessons of Love, Respect, Bravery, Truth, Honesty Humility and Wisdom. You cannot have one without the other. Each lesson is represented by an image:
Turtle = Truth
Bear = Courage
Buffalo = Respect
Raven = Integrity
Eagle = Love
Beaver = Wisdom
Wolf = Humility
We must place our trust in the Creator and never forget to be sincere in our actions, character and words.

Seven Grandfather Teachings

One-of-a-kind 18X24 acrylic painting on natural wild turkey feathers onon natural feathers, 12 X 12 reproduction.

Custom framed using conservation and archival acid-free materials in an 18X24 air tight shadow box window inside a 11 X 14 wood frame and glass.

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