Eyes Talking

I am so impressed with indigenous art of Africa. On the border of Ethiopia and Sudan lives the Surma Nomadic Tribe. Here I honor their tradition of body art that includes face painting and adornment with flowers on headdresses. These rare African Crown Crane feathers were legally obtained almost 40 years ago by a local rare feather collector who retired and passed them down to me. I am honored to put African body art and rare crane feathers together in my art.

One-of-a-kind 5.5X18 acrylic painting on rare natural African Crown Crane feathers on painted 11.5X24 canvas panel. This piece is a two painting collection with Eyes Talking.
Custom framed using conservation and archival acid-free materials in an 11.5X24 air tight shadow box window inside a 14.5X27 wood frame and glass.

Price – $12,500

Plus $350 shipping to lower 48 states

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All original works available in giclee limited series print reproductions of acrylics on natural wild turkey feathers printed with archival inks on acid free, 100% cotton rag paper with a bright textured finish. All are double matted unframed or framed with museum quality framing in the same size as the original with free shipping.

Price – $835 unframed, $1,375 framed

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