Light Of Transformation & Wisdom

Butterflies are a symbol of the soul, of rebirth and changes. They have an attraction towards the light symbolizing immortality through the journey of the soul from an earthly body to a spiritual body.

Yellow butterflies are linked to sudden changes, associated with a jolt to take on life in a better way, with more strength and creativity.

Orange butterflies are associated with the sun, life and consciousness. They are a reminder to go ahead with our plans and projects despite obstacles.

Owls are best known as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and trusting your intuition. For some, owls symbolize spiritual awakening.
As part of my “Mandala Series”, this painting brings the deep journey of the soul and consciousness through butterflies together with the wisdom of owls to find spiritual awakening despite any obstacles for a better life on earth and in the afterlife.

Light Of Transformation & Wisdom

One-of-a-kind acrylic painting on wild Rio Grande Turkey, Gold Jungle Cock Eye and Ring-necked Pheasant feathers on 36X36 painted board.

Custom framed using conservation and archival acid-free materials in an 36X36 air tight shadow box window inside a 38X38 wood frame under glass. There are 100 feathers in this work with 61 feathers hand painted.

Price – $45,000

Plus $900 shipping to lower 48 states

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Price – $835 unframed, $1,375 framed

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