Santuario de Chimayo

El Santuario de Chimayo is a Catholic church in Chimayo, New Mexico built in 1816 by the Spanish. It is known for having a small room called ‘el pocito’ (the little well) which contains a small pit containing ‘holy dirt’ that is believed to have healing powers. Legend says that during Holy Week a crucifix was dug up by a friar and given to the Santa Cruz church. But the crucifix mysteriously returned to the spot where the friar found it. After the third time this happened, they decided to build a chapel on the spot to house the crucifix which is now the Chimayo Sanctuary.

Santuario de Chimayo

Giclee limited series of 25 fine art print reproductions of one-of-a-kind 15 X 5 acrylic on natural wild turkey feather on 24X18 board printed with archival inks on acid free, 100% cotton rag paper with a bright textured finish.

Price – $765 unframed, $1,275 framed

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